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Tis the Season for Pumpkin Ale

October 18, 2014 2:00 pm

8 Colorado Pumpkin Ales that are a MUST this fall:

1) Pumpkin Ale from Upslope Brewing Company
(Boulder, CO)
2) Venetucci Pumpkin Ale from Bristol Brewing Company
(Co Springs)
3) Harvest Pumpkin Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Company
(Boulder, CO)
4) Imperial Pumpkin from Dry Dock Brewing
(Aurora, CO)
5) Pumpkick from New Belgium Brewing
(Fort Collins, CO)
6) Fermentation Without Representation from Epic Brewing
(Denver, CO)
7) Rumpkin from Avery Brewing Co
(Boulder, CO)
8) Pumpkin Ale from Wynkoop Brewing
(Denver, CO)


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Six Fascinating Facts About the Solar System

October 16, 2014 5:04 pm

Dark, mysterious, and rarely traveled, outer space piques the curiosity of people young and old. If your daydreams take you on intergalactic adventures, check out NASA's facts about the planets:

1) The average temperature on Venus is about 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Some areas on this planet are hot enough to melt lead. Likely due to Venus's extreme temperatures, no evidence of life has ever been found on the planet.

2) Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system: A year on Mercury is equal to 88 days on Earth! Mercury is also the smallest planet in our solar system; it's a little smaller than Earth's moon.

3) Mars is cold and desert-like. It has seasons; however, the conditions of its atmosphere does not allow its surface to retain liquid water for long.

4) Enveloped by rings of ice and rock, Saturn is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium. The planet has three orbiting moons.

5) The winds on Neptune can reach up to 1,600 miles per hour, making Neptune the windiest planet in the solar system.

6) Jupiter has plenty of moons with different climates. One of the four largest moons is covered in ice, while another one of Jupiter's moons is the most volcanically active in the solar system.

Learn more about our solar system by visiting the Solar System 101 page on NASA's website.

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Broncos Game Schedule

October 16, 2014 2:01 pm

If you don't already know, here are the next four Broncos games:

10/19 Broncos vs 49ers @6:30 PM
10/23 Broncos vs Chargers @6:25 PM
11/2 Broncos at Patriots @2:25 PM
11/9 Broncos at Raiders @2:05 PM

Can anyone believe November is right around the corner?! Hopefully everyone had a great week of fantasy football!

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